Top Stylish Women’s Denim

best womens jeans

Stylish Women’s Denim Cropped, distressed, destroyed, moto, best women’s jeans at affordable prices. Shopping online for jeans is great because of the kick ass prices. Make sure you pay attention to the size guides to get the right fit. I’m going to order the Mavi’s right now and possibly/probably/who am I kidding, definitely the H&M […]

DIY Lampshade

diy lampshade

I’ve been feeling blue lately and haven’t been up to my usual crafts n’ things. While I’m still waiting for the really nice weather to arrive I’ve been quite mopey. I needed to make something cheerful. I have been half way done a living room makeover for a couple of months now, slowly making my […]

Flower Crafts

easy flower crafts

 Spring – Flower Crafts Although it snowed just yesterday (I shit you not) I do feel Spring is in the air. At least, it’s starting to feel like it inside my home with some Spring flower crafts. I gathered some pretty flowers from Michael’s craft store and went to town making arrangements. The first I […]

3 DIY Chalkboard Projects

diy chalk board

I jumped right in on the chalkboard bandwagon! I wasn’t feelin’ it at first and wondered why everyone wanted a freakin’ chalkboard. Now I understand, it’s because they’re awesome! Here are 3 DIY chalkboard projects I just did. DIY Chalkboard 1. This one I purchased as a chalkboard already and decorated it with spring flowers. […]