New about Me Page – Thoughts?

About Me Page fi

As part of the overhaul I’m in the midst of I have re-written my about me page. I know I am in need of a new picture but that’s cool cuz guess what?! I just bought a camera! A real camera, not my shitty iphone camera. I’m so excited about this. Finally I will have […]

Basement Window Curtains | No Sew


I live in a basement and up until I made these curtains, didn’t have window coverings on some of my windows at all. Totally creeped me out at night! I had some material and a set of curtains that had been used on other windows before but they are tabbed curtains so wouldn’t have done […]

Bewitchin’ Projects Wk.1

bewitching projects blog party

Week 1 of the new awesome party hosted by 11 blogs. That rocks!! Welcome to the NEW “Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party” Hello everyone!… Guess what? Bewitch Me & Titi Link Party has Changed to “Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party” to bring you even more fun, love and exposure. I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers to […]

Purple Hair Streaks

purple hair streaks

I have pink clip in hair extensions but opted for something different, a more permanent solution and a different color. Purple hair streaks!  The purple sort of plays peek a boo so it’s not always prominent which I really like, not so in your face but it’s there. Pink is my color, it’s my go-to […]

How to Make Hair Ties

how to make hair ties

You’ve heard of or at least seen the super popular hair ties that started from Emi-Jay. Emi-Jay is a company that started because two teenage girls had a great idea (hair ties) and they blew up huge. Celebrities started wearing them and boom, huge success. I had to know what all the fuss was about […]

Flowers & LED Twig Lights

led twig lights

I’ve had some LED twig lights for a while now and had them displayed by themselves in a vase which,  even though they were just lighted branches, were quite pretty in the dark. Recently, I decided I should do something with those lighted twigs so I bought some cute flowers, rocks and a new, bigger […]

Cool iphone App for Pictures

iphone app for pictures

Pretty Image Editing Free on Your iPhone I came across this free iphone app that turns your pictures into pretty shapes. Also, you can add text and stickers to your images as well. It’s free with a paid option that gives you far more shapes to pick from but I’ve only ever used the free […]

10 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

cute summer outfit ideas

I love wearing cute summer clothing with prints or patterns on them. I’m not sure but I seem to not be so into them in the winter season…weird. I’m always on the hunt for cute outfit ideas and here are some I just picked out and absolutely adore. For buying info. just click on images. […]

10 Pretty Cork Board Ideas

cork board ideas

I have millions of cork boards lying around that are just plain ol’ ugly. I had an urge to decorate cork boards and since I have millions (three) to turn into something pretty I thought I’d gather some inspirational cork board ideas! Here’s 10  pretty cork board ideas: I love that this one is a […]

Site Overhaul

blog makeover

Girlfriends Are Like shoes is undergoing a major overhaul. Lately, I’ve been having some trouble relating to my blog-I know, what the hell is that?! I think I sort of stuck myself in a corner and I don’t feel that I have enough freedom to say what I want all the time. This is going […]

Paper Flowers

paper flowers

Paper Flowers – Easy to Make I’m on a roll  with paper flowers lately. I love them, they can add a burst of color and cuteness to any room. I recently made tissue paper roses and they turned out lovely and an adorable summer wreath out of paper flowers too. This time I made a […]