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5 Fantastic Pins

5 Pins on one of my Pinterest boards that I think are worth sharing. Every time I see these particular pins they just seem to hit me in an awkward kind of way, that I know how many of us could benefit from believing more in ourselves and our beauty, be a bit more kind and take a little less for granted.

It was hard to limit this to only 5 pins as I have 46 Pinterest boards going! The inspiration, motivation, education etc. seems limitless. This post however, I chose to stay within one of my boards which I called “F*k Yeah” for the reason that those words come to mind when I see the pins on this board.

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Source: lefttowrite808.tumblr.com via GirlfriendsAreLikeShoes on Pinterest
Source: fitisthenewbeautiful.tumblr.com via GirlfriendsAreLikeShoes on Pinterest

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