Welcome to Girlfriends Are Like Shoes!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I definitely need a new intro picture I’m thinking, hmmm ideas.

welcome I started to blog at girlfriendsarelikeshoes.blogspot but did the ol’ switch-er-oo to my own domain, girlfriendshoes.com during 2012.

I previously blogged under the pseudonym Ruby but have now introduced myself as my real life name, Sarah. I did this because I want you to know who I really am and what I’m really about.

But then…I recently felt like I had stuck myself into a corner where I wasn’t really saying what I wanted to say on my own blog. I wasn’t relating to my own blog. Super not cool.

So I decided to do some re-branding and brainstorming and now am on a way more comfortable and authentic journey and hope that you’ll like the changes I will continue to introduce over the next while.


A new feature I’ve added so that I feel free to be myself and say whatever I want just like I would if we were sitting across from one another having a coffee is the Coffee with Sarah category. This is where I will rant, rave, misbehave, tell stories, joke around and who knows what else. I’m very excited about this change and hope that you will be as well, so grab a coffee and enjoy it with me there. (I’m a total coffee addict, the worst. Seriously, worst.)

My mission is to spread positivity, kindness and self-love through my variety of posts such as; affirmations , journal writing prompts, and a variety of other techniques. Through Girlfriends Are Like Shoes I will assist in helping us feel great about ourselves and our lives alongside; articles, reviews, awesome giveaways, crafting, tips and anything else that makes its way from my mind to my keyboard.

What kinds of things would you like to read about? Email me.

I believe whole heartedly in positive thinking and that we all deserve to live happily. heart

I am in loooove with my kitty cat, Peaches. She’s my snuggle bug and I just love her to bits.

cutest cat A little personal info about me…

I am a sufferer of a chronic depression. I have struggled many years with it and continue to every day.

I am constantly working towards feeling better and this is why I believe so strongly in living a positive life, being grateful, being kind, and living happily.

It’s been hard to keep up with having a blog but I love it so much I will never give up on it. I believe it has helped me, being a creative outlet and letting me share positive living techniques. As well, I will never give up on feeling happiness. We all deserve to.

Another passion I have is designing blogs, blog graphics such as headers, buttons, icons etc. I have spent hours upon hours just doing that for fun. I then decided to offer it as a service to bloggers at Girlfriendshoes Blog Designs. I’m also currently doing an overhaul of that site so watch out for new things over there. Check it out, do you have any requests you’d like to see over there?

I have made it through many struggles and hope to be an inspiration to others. As part of my site overhaul I plan to introduce more of these into my posts. Not for pity but to show others ways to deal and be there for them.

be kind

The blogging world is a good one and I warmly welcome you to mine.

Sarah xo

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