Photo Text Overlay for Pinterest Users & Adding Text to Photos

Adding text to photos to label your pins.

Ever wonder how people get those labels on their pinterest images?

If you want to do that as well but don’t know how you can download a free text overlay or two right here to place on top of your image (they are see through so they won’t block off your entire image)

Here are some examples:

text to photos

adding text to photos








Adding Text To Photos: How To

If you don’t have a photo editing program you can use one online for free very easily, here’s how:

Go here to Pixlr

Select open image from your computer

Once your image is open select layer from the top menu then new layer

Then select the text option from the tools menu which looks like the letter A. 

Then type in your text in the text box and choose your font, font size, color and style and click ok.

Then use the move tool which looks like a little arrowhead to drag your text to where you want it on your image.

Done. Easy peasy, right?

Also, in order to add an text overlay to your photo for the text to show up significantly you do so by using the layer option as well.

Use Layers to Add Embellishments to Your Images

You can also use the layers to add things to your images like the examples below:

image editing

Use layers to add washi tape to image

ribbon overlay 3

Added layers to decorate the image with ribbon n’ things


Adding text to photos is very easy as well using a free online site called TagsMaker. See example below:

adding text to images


Another great site to add text to photos is The example below is an image of my cat that I added text to from pinwords, I didn’t even write that text, the sample text they gave me coincidentally was about a cat so I left it alone.


adding text to images


So there’s a variety of options for you to add text to photos which is a great idea for your Pinterest photos for visual appeal and to let people know what they are looking at especially if it’s not obvious, like a recipe or something.

Here are a few more examples and  some freebies for your images to add text to your photos:

add text to photos | gift ideas for her

adding text to photos

add text to photos




freebie text overlay

free overlay for images


free red overlay

free red circular overlay to add text to photo



What’s your technique for adding text to photos? Share your ideas and suggestions with us in the comments!


Sarah xo

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