Thank you for your interest to advertise with GirlfriendShoes! I’d like to build solid relationships with sponsors and give you a great reason to come back again!

For Bloggers:

I want to make the most out of your advertising experience here! Each paid ad will be put in a monthly feature post of my sponsors and I will tweet about you and promote you on other social media such as; facebook, stumble upon and Pinterest just to name a few. These are my stats as of May. 2014. (They are always on the rise) Facebook: 1592 Twitter: 2894 Pinterest:1870 Google +: 1585  Bloglovin’ 158Hubpages 1420 Also part of many other communities such as; Stumble upon, Reddit, IFB, LinkyTools, Empire Avenue etc.

Ad Sizes & Prices

125×125    $15.00
200×200  $25.00
468×60     $30.00

Please contact me here.

Sponsored Posts

Will gladly accept to write and post an original article on the sponsored topic (provided it is appropriate) which includes a text link and any keywords, descriptions etc. that you request. Usually 300 words or more. Please contact me for the required fee.

Banner Advertising

Will happily place your banner or ad within your preferred location for a fee. Please contact me for more info.

Product Review Policy ( Sponsors Please Read )

Full sized products are required for an accurate and proper review. Tested products will not be returned. Sponsor is responsible for all shipping costs, taxes, and custom fees. ( This includes products being used for accompanying giveaways-I will provide the winners info.) Review will be posted after product has been received and tested (usually within 2-4 weeks, depending on product and testing time needed). Product review will be posted on my blog, social media outlets, and any other social communities I’m a part of. Product review will contain links back to your website, reviewed product page, or any other page that is requested. Any information associated with product that sponsor would like added can also be included at sponsor’s request. I reserve the right to include affiliate links of the reviewed product in the review/giveaway post ,unless otherwise requested by sponsor. If I am unhappy with a product and would lead to a negative review I will contact the company or PR agency with the option to decline the review post. Ideas/Suggestions: Consider offering a coupon code or discount to be included in the review post. This will draw more of my followers to your site. I highly recommend adding a giveaway to my review. Readers love giveaways !

Option: Advertisers can place giveaway orders directly through

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Advertise now!


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