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DIY Bracelets


Each time I buy a bracelet I spend a minimum of ten bucks. I decided to make my favorites myself and save myself the money.

How to make multi strand bracelets…

The only materials needed for DIY bracelets:

  • waxed cord
  • closures
  • clasps
  • beads (in this case they are long bar beads)
  • scissors and/or pliers

The cool thing is that you can’t tell which I made or bought in a store!

diy bracelets

I like to use about 9 strands, I like my wrist to be full :)

Just cut your desired amount of strands and put a bar bead on each and enclose the strands on each end with the enclosures.

It doesn’t really matter if you make the cord length short because you can use cute chain to make your bracelet longer. (You can see the chain dangling in the top picture)

This bracelet below has way more than 9 strands and I’m going to make one like that next. That one is from buckle and goes for $13 bucks.

BKE Multi Cord Bracelet
The prices vary from place to place.
For example, I’ve seen some very simple single stranded bracelets for $25 on Etsy.
It’s worth it to make them yourself if you’re into this kind of thing.
waxed cord bracelets
Does anyone actually know what the long bar beads are actually called? I’m sure there’s a better name for them that I’m just not thinking of.
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