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Arts & Crafts Time! Shrinky Dinks!

I’ve been busy lately doing tons of arts & crafts! I have a ton of things to show you. I am starting with Shrinky Dinks and some of what I made with them.

*To bake them turn your oven to 325 and watch until they flatten. Just after that they are ready to be removed from oven.

These are little shrinky dinks I made to hang in a mobile. Something I thought would be cute for my mom to hang.

Next, these are just things I made to sorta get a feel for baking the shrinky dinks. I learned that they do indeed crumple up, sometimes a lot but with patience they will flatten.

No, I’m not crazy. Just some odd humor.

These are my favorite. I made pet I.D. tags! I think they are super cute! I will post a tutorial on how I did the necklace part, I made some bracelets the same way. Stay tuned for that.

These are some pendants I did and I plan on making many more. I have a ton of ideas. The first one I just painted on and punched a hole in it before baking (*make sure you don’t forget that part as you will snap the plastic if you try to do it after baking). Then I used like colored beads and wire and it turned out to be a really cute necklace.

This second one I just wrote the words on the clear shrink plastic and then placed a dark backing to it afterwards. I’m actually wearing this one in the picture. I love it.

*To glaze I just used a spray can acrylic sealant.

Here are a few more little squares I’ll be making pendants out of. I’ll keep showing pictures as I go.

Through trial and error I think I have it down pat. My main concern was the shriveling while baking but after my small panic attack I realized that is totally normal.

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