Purple Hair Streaks

purple hair streaks

I have pink clip in hair extensions but opted for something different, a more permanent solution and a different color. Purple hair streaks!  The purple sort of plays peek a boo so it’s not always prominent which I really like, not so in your face but it’s there. Pink is my color, it’s my go-to […]

Lancome Mascara Review

lancome mascara review

I splurged the thirty-seven bucks to try Lancome mascara. It was recommended to me by a friend so I figured, why not, maybe it is that much better. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly… The Good: It really is nice, it looks great, goes on nicely and does exactly what you want a […]

Nail Art Ideas & Giveaway Contest

Nail Art Ideas

Nail Art Ideas & Giveaway Sponsored by T-Mart. If you can name one female you know that doesn’t like to do their nails I’ll give you a million dollars. Just kidding but you go ahead and enter the contest below to win an awesome prize of 48 different nail art accessories. I’m just learning to […]

Top 5 Beauty Tips : At Home Treatments Under $20

beauty tips

Beauty Buzz: Top 5 At-Home Beauty Treatments Under $20 One common wish shared by all women is to look gorgeous and pretty all-round the day. Even before going to sleep, hardly any woman forgets to stare at the mirror and fret about the new breakout or dark spot or fine lines and common problems that […]

Easy Hair Ideas | Summer Hair

easy hair ideas | summer hair

Summer Hair | Easy and Quick I have long hair. During the summer months I like to wear it up somehow due to the heat. Thing is though that I don’t have many options when it comes to styling my hair as it’s not very thick and doesn’t hold styles very well…no backcombing or bumps […]

Violet Hair Chalk

hair chalking

Hair Chalk I have always loved wearing my pink hair extensions. I have two of them but I usually only wear one on one side of my head and let it peak through the rest of my hair. I wanted to try hair chalk because by using color this way I don’t have to clip […]

Easy D.I.Y. Gift Idea That You’ll Want to Keep Yourself

coconut oil | Home made Gift Idea

Use Coconut Oil for an easy D.I.Y gift idea or keep it for yourself.   This is what I did: Cleaned out a glass jar and glue gunned some ribbon around it and tied that into a pretty bow and then filled the jar with whipped coconut oil. I could have just put the coconut […]

Do You Want Silky Hair?

how to get silky soft hair

Best Hair Product! Get Silky Hair instantly.  BioSilk is my number 1 product to smooth my dry, damaged, way over dyed hair. This stuff is magnificent. It makes your hair silky and super soft  and smells great. When I first started using this product I was highly over paying. The salons charge no less than […]

Style Your Hair Quickly & Easily- How to Get Soft Curls

Easy soft curls

Easy Soft Curls: How to Curl Hair My hair using the Revlon RV440C I’ve tried a curling iron, I’ve tried a flat iron, I’ve tried the twirly sponge things, I’ve tried everything to try and get nice big soft curls or wavy hair. So how to get soft curls is the question… I found my […]

DIY Pink Dipped Hair: Love it!

Pink Dipped Hair! I had to post this DIY Pink Dipped Dyed Hair from Pinterest because it’s gorgeous, so in love with it! Let us know if you try it or ever have tried it! Source: ohsoprettythediaries.com via Lacy on Pinterest