Desktop Organizer Wallpaper

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Free Desktop Icon Organizer I previously made some free desktop organizers and put them up for download on my blog design site and they went over so well I wanted to make some more and offer them here. Here are the previews of what’s in the download: Do you currently use a desktop organizer wallpaper […]

Thanksgiving Printables | Free

free thanksgiving printables

Free Thanksgiving Printables   Decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving are among favorites it seems. Probably because of the warm colors and cozy atmospheres. Make your Thanksgiving atmosphere cozy by using free Thanksgiving Printables. Thanksgiving Printables – Download thanksgiving printables This is what you get in the download – Here is what I did with these […]

Free Inspirational Printables

Inspirational Printables for Workspace Wall Decor I’m still working away at my makeshift home office and pretty soon I’ll be able to do a big reveal (so excited to do that!) In the meantime I’ve been gathering some supplies for my home office project and can’t wait to put it all together. Some cute folders, […]

Free Inspirational Printables

free printables

All around my living space I have inspirational sayings hanging on the walls or sitting on a shelf. My brother once made a joke about how he’s constantly being told what to do every time he looks around. In the midst of trying to come up with some kind of makeshift office for myself I […]

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers

free desktop organizer

Desktop Organizers Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers I’m sure you’ve seen these before but I wanted to share mine with you! Our desktops can get pretty chaotic and unorganized quickly with all the different shortcuts etc. we keep. It’s nice to change your desktop background every now and then. Why not organize it with a cute, free […]

Free Printable Daily Affirmations

daily affirmations and intentions

Daily Affirmations to keep near in your everyday life. Keep these close by; on your bedroom mirror, your cubicle, your car, anywhere you’ll be reminded of them and use these affirmations to your advantage. What types of affirmations do you think would be most beneficial to you? You can use daily affirmations and intentions in […]

Free Printable Blog Planner

blog planner | planning your blog posts

Check out my Free Printable Blog Planner Plan My Kickass Blog Planner <—-Download Here I’ve realized lately that I need to get more organized with my blog and blog related things. I can’t rely on my memory or my inbox (holy shit, my inbox! ugh!) so I made some blog planner pages. I added pages for […]