Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers

free desktop organizer

Desktop Organizers Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers I’m sure you’ve seen these before but I wanted to share mine with you! Our desktops can get pretty chaotic and unorganized quickly with all the different shortcuts etc. we keep. It’s nice to change your desktop background every now and then. Why not organize it with a cute, free […]

Free Printable Daily Affirmations

daily affirmations and intentions

Daily Affirmations to keep near in your everyday life. Keep these close by; on your bedroom mirror, your cubicle, your car, anywhere you’ll be reminded of them and use these affirmations to your advantage. What types of affirmations do you think would be most beneficial to you? You can use daily affirmations and intentions in […]

Free Printable Blog Planner

blog planner | planning your blog posts

Check out my Free Printable Blog Planner Plan My Kickass Blog Planner <—-Download Here I’ve realized lately that I need to get more organized with my blog and blog related things. I can’t rely on my memory or my inbox (holy shit, my inbox! ugh!) so I made some blog planner pages. I added pages for […]

Pretty Free Social Media Icons

free social media icons

Feminine Free social media icons Just right click on image and click save image as.             If you like them please pin! And since we’re talking social media…add me at the following places… Want more freebies? Keep checking back as I have lots more to add!Sarah xo