Organize Your Interests & Projects By Journal Writing

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Use Journal Writing to keep track and organize your interests. How many interests do you have? I bet you’re thinking, “What the hell kind of question is that, I have lots of interests” What I mean is, do you have so many interests, ideas, passions, hobbies etc. that it’s hard to keep all the projects […]

Recommended Reading for Every Woman : Book Review

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Book Review Recommended Reading for All Women! Excellent Book. Ridiculously hilarious and full of situations, questions and answers that cover every excuse woman has ever made to avoid telling herself that a man just wasn’t that into her. From a teenage girl to a grown up woman, this book is for you. Everyone can relate […]

3 Terrific Gift Ideas for Her

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Gift Ideas for Her; the woman/women in your life; friends, wife, daughter, co-worker etc. These books are a wonderful light read. The first book I read by Sophie Kinsella was The Undomestic Goddess and I just loved it! It was highly entertaining and I found it to be hilarious. These are popular books among ladies […]

Wanna Rule the World from Your Couch? Um, Yes!

What would you think if someone told you that you could pretend to be someone and actually tap into real things about them. Like what they were feeling at the time, for example. I’m not sure I really grasp that concept but it interests me for sure. What about if someone told you that you […]