Guest Post: This post has been posted to multiple websites which I would normally not accept to post but I did accept to post it as well because it’s for a good cause.   We know that education and learning continues when the school day ends and there are a lot of parents and guardians […]

Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery

human trafficking and modern day slavery

Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery 27 Million That is the estimated number of modern day slaves. Men, women, and children. Estimated at 80% being forced into sex slavery. 32 Billion That is the estimated number of money being made/spent on modern day slavery. I’ve written about this before, I just can’t fathom how human […]

Bullying – Enough is Enough. Inspirational Girls Who Are Brave Enough to Take a Stand

anti bullying

Take A Stand Against Bullying Today Bullying has become a widely known problem amongst the world today. Not that it wasn’t always a problem but that it’s now gained our attention and many are taking a stand against it. And for good reason: Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those […]

Invisible Children : Kony 2012

The Invisible Children. A while back I watched a documentary that left a lingering horror in my thoughts. Kids in Africa were commuting during the night to escape being captured and forced as soldiers, living in fear and sleeping on damp, hard floors. Three college boys made this documentary travelling to Africa to do so. […]