Easy Christmas Decor & Inexpensive Gift Ideas

easy christmas decor

As you can see from my header I’m getting into the Christmas spirit! I’ve been loving flame less candles and led lights around my home; not only for Christmas, but for all season decor. I absolutely love the warmth and inviting atmosphere that these accents provide; led candles, string led lights, twinkle lights, twig lights, […]


Design Your Own Phone Cover | See My New Phone Accessory

Design Your Own Phone Cover

More Reasons to Shop online Recently I made another excellent purchase that may be helpful if you’re looking for a new phone accessory or a cool gift idea. I purchased a customized mobile phone cover for $12 (price with shipping).  I chose to put a picture of my beloved kitty cat, Peaches on it and […]


5 Great Gift Ideas

gift ideas | christmas gifts

5 Great Gift Ideas What to buy for Bob for Christmas? Hmm…What to buy for Jenna? Mom? Dad? Here are 5 awesome gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with. Bath/Body products from LUSH. NO women on the planet would dislike a gift from here. There are as many scents as you can think of […]


Gift Ideas for Women & Girls: Personal Journals

Gift Ideas for Women

Personal journals are one of the best gift ideas for women & girls because it’s thoughtful, useful and unique. There isn’t anybody that wouldn’t appreciate and put to good use a journal to write in for whatever reason, to collect their thoughts, write down their goals and dreams or just ponder things on paper which […]


3 Terrific Gift Ideas for Her

gift ideas for her | stocking stuffer

Gift Ideas for Her; the woman/women in your life; friends, wife, daughter, co-worker etc. These books are a wonderful light read. The first book I read by Sophie Kinsella was The Undomestic Goddess and I just loved it! It was highly entertaining and I found it to be hilarious. These are popular books among ladies […]


Tips on Finding the Perfect Present and Stocking Stuffers for Christmas Time. What to buy?

stocking stuffer ideas

Not sure what to buy for Christmas Gifts or Stocking Stuffer? Need ideas on gifts for men? Christmas is creeping up on us all and every year we have a hard time finding those perfect gifts for our loved ones. I’ve compiled a list of ideas for stockings and/or gifts. Some may seem random but […]


Style and Gift Ideas

This is a mini wish list I just came up with. I loooooooove everything on this page. I’m sure many of my girlfriends would too. This is when the one for you, one for me shopping approach becomes way too easy! Here is a search box for you to find your own lovelies! ShopStyle search: […]