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rock painting ideas

Rock Painting

ROCK PAINTING I’ve been trying out a bunch of new hobbies lately, one of which is rock painting. I also tried zen coloring which I surprisingly liked, a lot. I’m…
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diy lamp shade ideas

DIY Lampshade

I've been feeling blue lately and haven't been up to my usual crafts n' things. While I'm still waiting for the really nice weather to arrive I've been quite mopey.…
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spring flower crafts

Flower Crafts

SPRING – FLOWER CRAFTS Although it snowed just yesterday (I shit you not) I do feel Spring is in the air. At least, it’s starting to feel like it inside…
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3 DIY Chalkboard Projects

I jumped right in on the chalkboard bandwagon! I wasn't feelin' it at first and wondered why everyone wanted a freakin' chalkboard. Now I understand, it's because they're awesome! Here…
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