Christmas Centerpiece Ideas | Easy & Beautiful

christmas centerpiece ideas

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas | DIY Centerpieces The centerpieces are, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. They are easy to make and can be done for any occasion. Actually, many people make these for weddings but I wanted to come up with some Christmas centerpiece ideas using the same materials. So, here are the materials I used: […]


Home Made Christmas Ornaments

home made christmas ornaments

Home made Christmas Ornaments I love pink. I also love Christmas and crafts so I made pink Christmas ornaments. I just love how sweet and delicate my little tree looks. What do you think, does it need more color, brighter pinks perhaps? I am still making home made Christmas ornaments but I couldn’t wait to […]


How To Make 3D Stars Out Of Cereal Box | DIY Barn Stars

how to make 3D stars

Barn Stars! Easy to Make 3D Stars! Can you tell which 3D Stars I made or which I purchased? Barn Stars, as they are seemingly called, are so easy to make! Making these stars are my craft of choice at the moment. What you need: Cardboard (cereal box works great) Scissors Ruler or something straight […]


My Memories Suite Giveaway [Ends June 11]


Free Giveaway Contest! Scrapbook Software: My Memories Suite Ways to Use My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software Do you like to scrapbook? Have you ever used scrapbook software? Even if you’ve never done any digi scrapping you’ll love this program and find it easy to use. To be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d use My […]


(Easy) D.I.Y. Jewelry Holder | Necklaces & Bracelets

d.i.y. jewelry holder

Easy D.I.Y. Jewelry Holder Made with household items/garbage & more Washi Tape Ideas   Items: 1 Empty paper towel roll 2 Empty toilet paper rolls Masking tape Decorative tape (washi tape)       What do you think? They’re almost too easy not to make! I’m super excited that I have another excuse to build […]