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We all feel shitty sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s the pretty images or the words of encouragement but we all seem to like images of inspiration on days when we are feeling down. There’s also no harm in being reminded of these encouraging words on a regular basis just because. Maybe you have a […]

Free Inspirational Printables

free printables

All around my living space I have inspirational sayings hanging on the walls or sitting on a shelf. My brother once made a joke about how he’s constantly being told what to do every time he looks around. In the midst of trying to come up with some kind of makeshift office for myself I […]

5 Fantastic Inspirational Pins

inspirational quotes

5 Inspirational Pins on one of my Pinterest boards that I think are worth sharing. Every time I see these particular pins they just seem to hit me in an awkward kind of way, that I know how many of us could benefit from believing more in ourselves and our beauty, be a bit more […]

Daily Affirmations Will Work For Me.

Image by mikecogh via FlickrHoly Fak. I haven’t been able to come up with anything lately to write about that isn’t almost completely negative or slightly rude. I’m obviously dealing with some issues. I’ve decided that daily affirmations may be able to alleviate this pissy condition I seem to be in. What’s an affirmation? Well, […]