Self Perception. What’s Real.

self-perception distortions | self-awareness

Self Perception. Distortions? When we’re feeling low and questioning ourselves and thinking negative things about ourselves we are told these are distortions. What about when we are thinking good, positive, nice things about ourselves. How do we know these aren’t also distortions? What makes these things true just because they aren’t negative? How are we supposed […]


Free Printable Daily Affirmations

daily affirmations and intentions

Daily Affirmations to keep near in your everyday life. Keep these close by; on your bedroom mirror, your cubicle, your car, anywhere you’ll be reminded of them and use these affirmations to your advantage. What types of affirmations do you think would be most beneficial to you? You can use daily affirmations and intentions in […]


My Memories Suite Giveaway [Ends June 11]


Free Giveaway Contest! Scrapbook Software: My Memories Suite Ways to Use My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software Do you like to scrapbook? Have you ever used scrapbook software? Even if you’ve never done any digi scrapping you’ll love this program and find it easy to use. To be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d use My […]


I’m Spilling the Beans Today


You may or may not have noticed that at some times I write more blog posts than other times, sometimes my posts aren’t as filled with actual words as others. Here’s why… I suffer from depression. I say suffer instead of just saying I “have” depression because I really do suffer from it. It affects […]



ladylike | duchess kate

Could you be a princess? While I don’t really follow the habits of the royal couple; Prince William and his lovely wife, Kate, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be her. She’s beautiful and I can only assume she’s smart. I’m not sure it’d go over well with Grandma if William […]


Train Your Subconscious to Back You Up Not Work Against You


Train Your Subconscious To Help Not Hinder If you aren’t practicing positive affirmations maybe it’s because you doubt how powerful they can be? Maybe it sounds a little bit silly to you to recite things to yourself or maybe you’re not quite sure how it all works within your mind and sub conscious? Here’s a […]


4 Positive Affirmations to Enhance Your Well Being & A Journal Prompt

positive affirmations

New Positive Affirmations to Use Daily & A Journal Prompt Positive Affirmations are important to recite daily because all day long we’re affirming things to ourselves whether we realize it or not. Many of our thoughts throughout the day are negative. Change your thought patterns and well being with positive affirmations. Positive Affirmations Journal Prompt […]