Free Printable Daily Affirmations

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Why use daily affirmations? How to use daily affirmations New free printable daily affirmations More free printable daily affirmations: Do you use daily affirmations? Are there certain ones you’d like to see in a free printable? Let me know if you are a fan of these printables and […]

Self Perception. What’s Real.

self-perception distortions | self-awareness

Self Perception. Distortions? When we’re feeling low and questioning ourselves and thinking negative things about ourselves we are told these are distortions. What about when we are thinking good, positive, nice things about ourselves. How do we know these aren’t also distortions? What makes these things true just because they aren’t negative? How are we supposed […]

Happy Valentines Day

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  Happy Valentines Day   So, again I find myself single on Valentine’s Day. As my friend put it earlier, I’m not as suicidal as I thought. I’m actually not very mopey at all. High Five! I was much more mopey at the start of the week with the dread of this pending day hanging […]

Raise your self awareness to improve your life by defeating self perception distortions in 2 easy steps

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Do you have any self perception distortions? Do you think your self awareness is up to par? How do you see yourself? How do you see others? How do we know when we’re seeing clearly or have self perception distortions? People present themselves the way they want others to see them. Really all we know of […]

Bullying – Enough is Enough. Inspirational Girls Who Are Brave Enough to Take a Stand

anti bullying

Take A Stand Against Bullying Today Bullying has become a widely known problem amongst the world today. Not that it wasn’t always a problem but that it’s now gained our attention and many are taking a stand against it. And for good reason: Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those […]

Use Daily Affirmations to Vamp Self Esteem and Create The Life You Want

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Daily Affirmations Our thoughts are a constant stream of affirmations. You are using affirmations all the time whether you realize it or not. Unfortunately, many of us are filled with negative thoughts and that only works against us. Seize the opportunity to use affirmations for positive change in your life by training yourself to use […]