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Pinterest Boards: Customize Your Board Images How many Pinterest boards do you have? I have 89 and counting! How about making your boards unique by using custom images for your Pinterest boards? This idea works well when using your brand design; same colors, fonts, etc. and is a great way to do some Pinterest Marketing. Even if […]

5 Fantastic Inspirational Pins

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5 Inspirational Pins on one of my Pinterest boards that I think are worth sharing. Every time I see these particular pins they just seem to hit me in an awkward kind of way, that I know how many of us could benefit from believing more in ourselves and our beauty, be a bit more […]

Addicted to Pinterest – help! ;)

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Did I mention that Pinterest is addicting? Well, since I can’t manage to peel myself away from that amazing site for more than a pee break here and there and before I freakin’ know it, it’s 7 p.m. and I’m still in my goll dam pajamas- just kidding. (sorta) I thought I’d share a sneak […]