You Are Loved.

you are loved

Everyone has time for… Spreading some kindness, giving a compliment, telling someone you love them, showing appreciation, giving a hug or a smile…the list is endless. We live hard lives and we all deal with it differently, some of us get overwhelmed and could really use a kind word. Recently, a close friend of mine […]

Recommended Reading for Every Woman : Book Review

what should I read

Book Review Recommended Reading for All Women! Excellent Book. Ridiculously hilarious and full of situations, questions and answers that cover every excuse woman has ever made to avoid telling herself that a man just wasn’t that into her. From a teenage girl to a grown up woman, this book is for you. Everyone can relate […]

Three Common Relationship Issues and How to Handle Them.

relationship issues

Relationship Advice, relationship issues I am no relationship master but I do have a couple of tidbits that may be of some use. Three common issues and how to handle them. Relationship issue 1: You liked them for them.             The things you found so appealing at first are now annoying you practically to death and […]

Single During the Holidays

I’m single during the holidays…again. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, single girls, here are 4 commonly agreed upon reasons to actually like being single during the holidays… We save money by having less gifts to buy. We don’t have any awkward family meetings with our partners family We get to choose our plans […]

T.M.I. Post 1-Toxic Friends

toxic friends

Toxic Friends Whoooosh!      This is me coming back with a ‘whooshing’ noise. I’m going to give a glimpse into my past couple of months. Normally it would seem way too personal and embarrassing to put on here so I wouldn’t even consider it but you know what? F*ck it!  This post is a […]

What is a Frienemy?

what is a frienemy

Are you a Frienemy source A frienemy is an enemy in disguise as your friend. Someone who brings you down. Someone who pretends to be your friend. The frienemy can be nice, even be fun to be around but you can always count on the fact that they will somehow bring you down, behave in […]

10 things not to say to someone who’s been dumped.

10 things not to say

Dumped and Sad. 10 Things not to say to someone who’s been dumped. Heartbreak is a really crappy feeling. Sometimes its even like your actual heart hurts, like you can’t breathe cuz every part of you feels let down. A pressing, heavy but empty feeling. Even if it’s not true love, nobody likes to be […]

I am A Twin.

I was just thinking about my twin. My twin brother who I miss right now. We grew up side by side until we were in our 20’s so naturally I often miss having him around. Even if in our past he has thrown dog shit at me. That lead me to thinking about the fact […]



Being that friends and being a better friend was what inspired me to start this blog in the first place I’d like to share with you my appreciation for a friend of mine. I have a friend who has helped me so much in these past recent months that I don’t feel like the words […]

Not a Trick Question. Ask your Friends!

question to ask your friends

I found this printed out question I received in an email a long time ago. I have no idea where it came from but it is interesting. Not a trick question. Read/Ask your friends exactly as shown. A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. […]

Be a Good Friend.

be a good friend

A friendship trait I’d like to highlight for the purpose of this post is this: EMPATHY. It’s needed in a friendship at some point or another and maybe often. For those that don’t know the meaning, in my own words, it means to be able to put yourself in your friends shoes. Being able to […]

And another one bites the dust

Allow me to vent… What’s worse that hearing a guy after breaking up with you say that he’s sorry for hurting you and that he didn’t mean to? Well, the fact that you knew this was going to happen and you were still around to hear the sorry bastard say it. Will we ever learn? […]

Girlfriends are like Shoes

Girlfriends are like Shoes, we can have many but cherish them all! I was stuck on how to start off this blog, what should I post about? Duh! My girlfriends! This should be fun to write actually, I will categorize them all in their own personal category and explain why they are so awesome. Everyone […]