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you are loved

You Are Loved.

Everyone has time for... Spreading some kindness, giving a compliment, telling someone you love them, showing appreciation, giving a hug or a smile...the list is endless. We live hard lives…
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Single During the Holidays

I'm single during the holidays...again.Let's not be too hard on ourselves, single girls, here are 4 commonly agreed upon reasons to actually like being single during the holidays...We save money…
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what is a frienemy

What is a Frienemy?

A frienemy is an enemy in disguise as your friend. Someone who brings you down. Someone who pretends to be your friend. The frienemy can be nice, even be fun…
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I am A Twin.

I was just thinking about my twin. My twin brother who I miss right now. We grew up side by side until we were in our 20's so naturally I…
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