Recommended Reading for Every Woman : Book Review

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Book Review Recommended Reading for All Women! Excellent Book. Ridiculously hilarious and full of situations, questions and answers that cover every excuse woman has ever made to avoid telling herself that a man just wasn’t that into her. From a teenage girl to a grown up woman, this book is for you. Everyone can relate […]


Three Common Relationship Issues and How to Handle Them.

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Relationship Advice, relationship issues I am no relationship master but I do have a couple of tidbits that may be of some use. Three common issues and how to handle them. Relationship issue 1: You liked them for them.             The things you found so appealing at first are now annoying you practically to death and […]


Online Dating Profile Sample: What I Want to Write but Won’t

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Here is a sample of what I want my profile to say. I understand it isn’t appropriate if I’m trying to attract someone to have that as my online dating profile so I will refrain, for now. hehe. Warning: Use of profanity. I’m a single girl, early thirties, no kids, a cat, want a dog […]


Single During the Holidays

I’m single during the holidays…again. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, single girls, here are 4 commonly agreed upon reasons to actually like being single during the holidays… We save money by having less gifts to buy. We don’t have any awkward family meetings with our partners family We get to choose our plans […]


10 things not to say to someone who’s been dumped.

Dumped and Sad. 10 Things not to say to someone who’s been dumped. Heartbreak is a really crappy feeling. Sometimes its even like your actual heart hurts, like you can’t breathe cuz every part of you feels let down. A pressing, heavy but empty feeling. Even if it’s not true love, nobody likes to be […]


And another one bites the dust

Allow me to vent… What’s worse that hearing a guy after breaking up with you say that he’s sorry for hurting you and that he didn’t mean to? Well, the fact that you knew this was going to happen and you were still around to hear the sorry bastard say it. Will we ever learn? […]