You Are Loved.

you are loved

Everyone has time for… Spreading some kindness, giving a compliment, telling someone you love them, showing appreciation, giving a hug or a smile…the list is endless. We live hard lives and we all deal with it differently, some of us get overwhelmed and could really use a kind word. Recently, a close friend of mine […]


T.M.I. Post 1

Image by programwitch via FlickrWhoooosh!      This is me coming back with a ‘whooshing’ noise. I’m going to give a glimpse into my past couple of months. Normally it would seem way too personal and embarrassing to put on here so I wouldn’t even consider it but you know what? F*ck it!  This post […]




Being that friends and being a better friend was what inspired me to start this blog in the first place I’d like to share with you my appreciation for a friend of mine. I have a friend who has helped me so much in these past recent months that I don’t feel like the words […]


Girlfriends are like Shoes

Girlfriends are like Shoes, we can have many but cherish them all! I was stuck on how to start off this blog, what should I post about? Duh! My girlfriends! This should be fun to write actually, I will categorize them all in their own personal category and explain why they are so awesome. Everyone […]