Christmas Lights Show

This will give ya a little Christmas Spirit!

While driving around a few days ago I came across this awesome Christmas Lights Show. I took a video because I wanted you all to be able to enjoy it as well as all the people who drive by.

I sat through a few different songs. How it works is that you tune your radio into a certain channel (which the house tells you via a sign somewhere in the yard) and watch and listen as the lights go to the music.


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I noticed how many houses, even businesses, don’t decorate for Christmas anymore and I find it sort of depressing. When I was young it was only the odd house here and there that didn’t do any form of decorating with Christmas lights.

I also don’t like how the words “Merry Christmas” are becoming more and more scarce in fear of offending someone who doesn’t celebrate it for their own reasons. That’s a whole other post and one I frankly don’t even want to start. (Trying to stay positive remember?.)

So let’s stay cheerful and enjoy the pretty lights!

From someone who does celebrate Christmas I truly appreciate the effort of those who take the time to decorate their homes with beautiful Christmas lights, I enjoy them immensely.


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  1. Kathy Stuit says

    Love Christmas lights! Still a little kid at heart and love to go look at lights. We have one neighborhood that does up a few houses like in the vid and uses to it raise money for local charities.

  2. Heidi says

    Amazing! I love Christmas lights. They really make the neighborhood feel magical.

  3. Cassondra Del Rio says

    outside, christmas time. lights are always my favorite! i can opt out on the snow because lights are always just breathtaking!

  4. Heather McCormick says

    I love Christmas time and love decorating my place and having friends over. This was a nice article to read, thank you.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing! And I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra – the band that is playing the music. You should see their Christmas show – it is crazy with lights!

  6. says

    I’ve seen this on TV and it helped put me in the holiday spirit. As to your concern with not many people saying “Merry Christmas” I want to be sure that I don’t say it to those who don’t celebrate it, especially those of us who are Jewish.

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