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custom iphone case
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My New Custom Ordered iPhone Case Rocks! You Should Get One.

Custom iPhone Case I love it!

custom iphone case


I did it again. I ordered a custom iphone case with my kitty, Peaches on it.

I have ordered from Cellphone Shop twice now and both times I had ordered a custom item with my kitty cat on it and both times I was super pleased with the product.

It takes a few weeks times two for it to arrive but it’s worth it to me to eventually have my kitty on my phone case hehe.

custom iphone covercustom iphone case

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I am in love my with kitty as you have noticed and I’m super excited about my new case. You should get one with your baby on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Design Your Own Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Custom Case

This time I got the actual case whereas before I got a cover, which is a pre-cut sticker for whatever phone you wanted the customization for. You can see my last custom phone cover order here. Aren’t they cute?!

You can make custom cases or covers etc. for just about any type of cell phone too! My last phone was a crappy old version of Samsung and I still got the custom cover.

This would be a really cute gift idea too! Oh, and did I mention it’s super cheap!


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  1. Katherines Corner

    this is so cute! Hugs!

    • Sarah

      Thanks! I giggle every time I see her cute face lol. ~hugs~

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