Cute Gift Ideas

Cute Gift Ideas! Easy, Affordable and…Cute!

This first one is my favorite! I didn’t know how it would turn out actually but when I took a step back to look at it I was really impressed.

I used a solar powered LED mason jar lid, put some fake snow in the jar and placed an adored picture behind a little Christmas tree I made using some green ribbon and beads.

It’s so cute and would make a beloved little gift for someone.

You could put anything in it; pet picture, pet keepsakes, grandchildren, even a pretty postcard.

I chose a wintery, Christmas theme by using snow and a green decorated tree which makes me think this is a really great, easy to make Christmas gift idea.

What do you think, wouldn’t that be cute on a mantel?

Cute gift ideas

This next one in my cute Christmas gift ideas arsenal is one I think would be great for a friend or family member that is hard to buy for.

What I did was chose a pink and purple color theme and decorated a wooden box which I purchased from the dollar store and filled it with pink and purple baubles that I believe my recipient would enjoy.

cute gift ideas

The contents of the box are: A jar of body cream, a cute Christmas ornament, a really pretty bracelet, and two necklaces.

 Contents of Gift Box
cute gift ideas cute gift ideas cute gift ideas cute gift ideas cute gift ideas

A custom box of trinkets or baubles makes a nice gift of variety and shows you put thought into it by filling it with things especially for them.

I’d like to hear your cute gift ideas, please share with us in the comments.

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