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DIY Canvas Painting Ideas



One of my greatest finds ever are these canvases from the dollar store.

1 Canvas + Acrylic Craft Paint = 2 bucks!

I’ll take DIY canvas painting over store-bought any day for that price.

I wanted to make something very simple yet cute so I opted for a pink heart.

I made a stencil out of regular paper and then painted it in with pink.

diy canvas painting

Once it was dry I sprayed a sealer on it to give it a nice shine and to keep it from discoloring over time.

diy canvas painting ideas

This one is larger than the first canvas which I purchased at Michael’s.

I actually got a sweet deal, it was 40% off a 5 pack.

I have never made any kind of geometric art before that I can think of so I thought I’d give that a go with my favorite colors, pink & gold. I added black for a dramatic effect.

I used a dowel to keep my lines straight because I couldn’t find my ruler or anything else suitable to use.

Once I painted in my shapes with  acrylic craft paint I went over the edges with a gold sharpie marker.



It was still wet when I took this picture but once dry I also sprayed this one with a sealer.

diy wall art


To be honest I didn’t really like this painting when I finished it but it’s grown on me and now I can’t wait to add it to my upcoming wall gallery!

Pretty easy to make, huh? Think you’ll try one yourself?

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  1. Jessica

    I love both of those painting! The colors are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see your gallery wall. =)

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Jessica! I can’t wait to show you, so excited!!

  2. Megan @ Homemade Ginger

    I love the colors that you chose! Beautiful!

  3. CouponGalAndi

    looks simply beautiful 😀

  4. Joanna Sormunen

    How simple and so elegant! Both of the paintings look amazing!

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