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diy lamp shade ideas
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DIY Lampshade

diy lampshade

I’ve been feeling blue lately and haven’t been up to my usual crafts n’ things. While I’m still waiting for the really nice weather to arrive I’ve been quite mopey.

I needed to make something cheerful.

I have been half way done a living room makeover for a couple of months now, slowly making my way through projects I’d like to finish…or start.

One of those projects was a pendant lamp.

I’ve been collecting DIY lamp ideas on Pinterest and holy cow I want to make them all.

For the living room though I really believed I wanted something colorful and cheerful.

So…I started buying flowers and once I had a basket full I got out my glue gun and went to town.

This is what was left when I was finished.

flower lamp

I bought a plain white lampshade from Walmart, when I bought it I hadn’t thought of which DIY lampshade idea I was going to use yet.

diy lampshade

Cheerful and colorful it is!! Diggin’ flower crafts, especially in time for summer.

lampshade DIY

It’s beautiful when the light is on!

I think this would be nice is one color as well, maybe even two. Also, as a accent table lamp or something. What do you think?

Super easy to do and it definitely adds color to the room.


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  1. Kathleen

    That does look so cheery and pretty. It would look nice with the light on. Thanks for bringing your cheer to #HomeMattersParty


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