Looking For Fall Boots? I saved over $70!!

It’s Fall Boots Season!


I have about ten pairs of fall boots and only wear one of them on a regular basis. They are now falling apart and so I was on the hunt for a new pair of boots that I would be absolutely in love with…I did good! First try even!

Fall Boots | Tall Boots

The are Madden Girl, Zerge boots. Absolutely perfect for me but ok here’s the kickass part…

I was walking through a local department store, Sears, one day with a friend and saw that they had a selection of about twenty sharp looking fall boots. I stopped to browse and tried a couple of pair on and checked out the price tags.

My top two choices were Madden Girl Women’s Zerge Boot and I can’t remember the details of my other favorites.

The Madden Girls were over $100 and the second pair I liked were over $200.

Um, I’ll take the Madden Girls Please.

They don’t have my size.

So…I looked for them on Amazon.com and they were $38 dollars. I shit you not.

That’s a  minimum $70 savings!!

Good Score!

 photo MaddenGirlZerge_zps78025646.jpg

These next fall boots I ordered from Spring Shoes Store.

They were on sale for $40. They didn’t quite get me excited. I will possibly wear them with skinny jeans but my regular jeans won’t fit into them.

fall boots | women's boots

They aren’t nearly as comfortable as the Madden Girl’s however, I do like the looks of them.

Needless to say, I am terrifically happy with my purchase on Amazon. If you are looking for  fall boots hopefully you found this helpful.


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    • Sarah says

      These are by far my most comfy boots I’ve ever had and the best price I’ve ever paid. Woohoo for sure!! :)

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