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Fall Decor Ideas

Fall Decorations

fall decorations

The only reason I don’t get excited for Fall is because I know what’s coming after. I can’t even say the word.

Fall is full of beautiful colors that give me and most everyone a cozy, warm & fuzzy feeling.

I like to bring that indoors as well with Fall decorations.

fall decor

Although I absolutely love the vibrant orange of pumpkins, I also love gold so I gold leaf painted a mini pumpkin.

Love it.

I want to paint everything with it.

I also love the warmth candles bring to an atmosphere and I especially love the rustic looking flameless ones with the timer. The candle will go on at the time you put it on every day and stay on for 6 hours.

candle with timer

You can still turn it off and on whenever you want but I love the timed candle option. So handy.

I also purchased a couple of the spiral holders, two that hang and one that sits.

gold leaf pumpkin

fall mantle

Fall Mantle

My mantle usually has that primitive look to it, the hanging star I love so much I keep it up all year round and just switch up the rest for the different seasons.

The picture on the wall I edit with clip art because my flash from my camera messed the actual picture all up.

fall mantle decor

I made 2 of the 3D stars myself and bought one. Can you tell the difference? To make 3D stars read here.

Fall Centerpiece

Again I used my beloved glass bowl for my fall centerpiece.

For this I also used the spiral candle holder, flameless timer candle and the gold painted mini pumpkin along with some moss and pretty fall leaves.

It looks comforting, kinda makes me want to jump in the bowl!

fall centerpiece

Fall Bird Cage

This birdcage was on sale and I thought it would make a really nice fall decoration by putting some fall colors and ledlights in it.

fall bird cage

bird cage fall decor

This can be hung somewhere but would even make a nice fall centerpiece idea as well.

Not sure what I’m going to do with it just yet. Where would you put it?

fall decorations

I glued some leaves to some paper wrapped around a flickering led flameless candle to blend it well in a table decoration.

fall table decorations

I painted 3 mini pumpkins, placed on burlap and added leaves and the candles around the pumpkins. I have this on my living room coffee table and really enjoy the flickering of the candles behind the leaves.

This next idea is a paper bag pumpkin luminary. I saw it on Smile Mercantile and had to try it out. I think they are super cute decorations. You can’t tell in my image but there is a light coating of white paint on the bag and tiny pin holes all around it for the light to shine through.

It’s much prettier in real life.

paper bag luminary

How do you like to decorate for fall? What’s your favorite type of fall decor?


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  1. Mummy's Blog

    I love all of it – everything is so beautiful! x

  2. Valerie Lloyd

    Love everything! You did a great job! 🙂

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