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Hot Color Choices for Cold Weather Weddings

While many of us may be mourning the departure of summer’s splashy hues like lime, citrus orange, coral and hot pink, the lowering of the temperature sets the stage for rich, darker colors that evoke feelings of drama and romance. While it’s fun to rock black boots, a glittery cocktail dress on New Years Eve or greens and reds around Christmas, I couldn’t help but think that fall and winter shades are ideal for a dreamy wedding color scheme. Keep reading for some ideas about how you can incorporate this season’s hottest trends into your nuptials.

Winter White

The winter white look has been a reoccurring theme with some big-name designers this fall like Tommy Hilfiger and Derek Lam. Luckily, for brides, it is a theme that is extremely easy to incorporate into any wedding. For starters, your dress is already white! Next, you can apply the all-white theme to the décor of your wedding. We’re talking about decorations, lighting, and everything in between. Create a winter wonderland for you and your guests on your special day. Drape the tables in white linen and top them with centerpieces that use white roses, baby’s breath and white candles. Dim the lights and add a frosty touch with soft blue lighting. Martha Stewart created a slide show of white wedding decorations and favors that would be perfect for anyone trying to execute this idea. We recommend mixing this tint with light blues, lilacs, metallic and soft pinks to add some dynamic personality.

Shades of Green

It seems as though all the big-name designers have decided that the go-to color for this fall is green. From emerald to army, and all of the darker tones in between, we are most likely going to continue to see this color popping up everywhere. For brides, one easy way to incorporate green into your wedding is you’re your bridesmaid’s dresses. Two Birds offers bridesmaids dresses in a variety of styles and colors, including the ball gown seen below. Be cautious of putting your favorite ladies in shades with yellowish tones, as these specific versions are unflattering for many skin tones while bluish varieties are more complimentary.

fall trends | weddings


From metallic iridescent fabrics to shimmering accessories, this trend can really spice up your fall wardrobe. Best of all, this trend is so versatile it makes it easy for brides to combine the metallic detail with some wedding classics. For example, a bride can opt to include tiny metallic touches in her makeup. She can use a light shimmering eye shadow or gold eyeliner to make her eyes really stand out. Also, small metallic details are a great addition to any wedding gown – it adds a little sparkle but does not overwhelm the dress. This dress below from the White by Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal offers a small but beautiful metallic detail on the back of the dress that adds a little glam to a simple yet elegant style. Brides are going to increasingly deviate away from the “boho” aesthetic in favor of more glitzy style, and this glistening accent will easily help establish the elegant feel that can subtly evokes the yesteryears.

 fall trends | weddings

Statement Outerwear

A statement coat can take your look to the next level this fall – especially for a bride. If you will be taking pictures outside, the temperatures will most likely be low and you will want to avoid getting sick before your honeymoon by covering up your shoulders and keeping warm. Since your wedding day is your day to shine, a statement coat will compliment your gorgeous wedding dress and professionally done hair and makeup. Don’t be afraid to select a coat with a bold design or color – it’s called a statement piece for a reason! Below are some examples of statement outerwear seen on the runway from Glamour.

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