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Girlfriends are like Shoes

Girlfriends are like Shoes, we can have many but cherish them all!

I was stuck on how to start off this blog, what should I post about? Duh! My girlfriends! This should be fun to write actually, I will categorize them all in their own personal category and explain why they are so awesome.

Everyone should be able to say that they have great girlfriends. I can’t imagine not having mine, and knowing that they are all genuinely interested in my life because they care. Everyone needs caring friends and if you can’t come up with exactly why your friends rock then maybe you need some new shoes…I mean, girlfriends.

In no order of any particular importance. First, we have;

Mamma Bear:
We have completely different lives, she is married with 3 kids and an extension of 3 more kids by marriage. I am single and living with my cat. She is protective of me, worries about me, is there with open arms any time I need her and not afraid to tell me when I’m being a twit.
I have and will continue to learn alot from Mamma Bear.

Tweedle Dee:
I will refer to myself as Tweedle Dum here. Tweedle Dee and I share many of life’s speedbumps, and by many I mean holy shit, enough already! and by speedbumps I mean mountains of crap! We can laugh about it, analyze it, whine about it and feel like crap about it but no matter what we know we have each other so we manage to wade around in it.

My Butterfly can fill me in on pretty much anything going on with anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any reason…you get the point. If ever I need to know anything I can send her the ‘mission’ and she’s on it like flies on shit. Although she can flutter with the best of them I know that she’ll always flutter back to me where she isn’t just another face but a great friend who has been known to spontaneously send me cheer up mail.

Station Mall:
We’ll call this one station mall because their slogan is “the Centre of it All’. (Ok, I thought it was funny) She is a self admitted attention whor…hog…seeker! Above that though she is a sweeeeetheart with my best interests at heart and she is not afraid to say so. Definitely a keeper.

The Wackys:
This one’s a deuce! I have two ‘wacky’s’. These girls will always understand any of my insane thoughts or sick jokes. They also never cease to surprise me with theirs. Can count on them for a serious need or a hilarious one. Either way we will end up laughing.

The Dolly:
Dolly comes to mind because she seems as cute and innocent as a dolly. She has a special interest in my brother but always finds the time to ask me how things are going. Definitely someone easy to talk to and who doesn’t like knowing they’re thought about with random texts?!

Last but not least, the Oldie:
This one happens to be AWOL at the present time…I need to track her down. A friend like this is one that no matter how much time goes by and what happens, nothing with ever change when we manage to connect again. Someone I care deeply about and miss very much. Hey Butterfly…I think I have a mission…

These are my girlfriends. And you see, they are like shoes! There are many types but all just as appreciated and loved. I’m a lucky girl 🙂

I hope everyone is able to say that they have great friends. A great friend is someone you can count on in good times and bad and someone you know without a doubt cares about what’s best for you. If you have to question that, it’s time for new ones.

There is one last section…The Slaggers:
These being friends that have sort of let me go off in the wind…like a snotty kleenex out a car window. Nobodies perfect but to get a spot on my list you need to actively give a shit about me and my dog pile of a life.


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  1. Anonymous

    Adorable and witty!! Great job, Bella!

  2. Ruby

    Thank you!

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