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home made christmas ornaments
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Home Made Christmas Ornaments

Home made Christmas Ornaments

home made christmas ornaments

I love pink. I also love Christmas and crafts so I made pink Christmas ornaments. I just love how sweet and delicate my little tree looks. What do you think, does it need more color, brighter pinks perhaps?

I am still making home made Christmas ornaments but I couldn’t wait to share what I’ve made so far…


home made christmas ornaments DIY Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas tree balls homemade Christmas ornaments
home made Christmas ornaments DIY Christmas ornaments
DIY Christmas tree ornaments home made christmas ornaments
Christmas tree ball ideas
hand made Christmas ornaments

home made christmas

What do you think?

I made all of these with craft things I had laying around and a glue gun.

The gem diamonds are gorgeous, the pictures don’t do them justice. They glisten and shine with the lights, it’s my favorite addition to my home made ornaments tree.

The feather balls I used fake snow and feathers and I absolutely love how those turned out.

The pink cupcake ornaments are adorable, you can see more about making those here: Christmas ball ornament ideas

This next picture is a pink Christmas decoration I made to sit on the mantel…

home made christmas decorations

I used think paper to make the cone then painted a layer of gold on it. Then wrapped it with pink ribbon and spiraled a thin gold string around it and for the finishing touch I made a star out of pink copper wire.

I’m loving my girlish pink Christmas decor. It’s not the colorful Christmas theme that I’m used to but it’s totally me.

For more Christmas tree ball ideas see here.

I hope you have a Merry Pink Christmas 🙂


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