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Home Office Nook Reveal!

Home Office Nook

Finally I am ready to show you what I’ve been working on!! My makeshift new home office.

D.I.Y. projects galore!

Not everything went smoothly, I had a couple of set backs during my home office projects andfor a first time chalk paint user I can honestly say I’m completely hooked on it now.

To give you an idea of what was involved, here is a look at what it was like before and what it is now.

home office nook

cute home office ideas

I posted about many of the projects I did along the way. (D.I.Y. home office projects)

Some things I learned though is that if you are going to spray paint, prime first. I tried to skip this step when painting my pink & gold desk and regretted it later.

Way too many cans of spray paint later, I finally got it looking nice.

Also, you can’t sand down a piece of furniture too much, sand your heart away. I was always having to go back and sand some more and finally bought an electric hand sanderto simplify the task and save my arm the aches. Highly recommend this if you are re-doing any furniture pieces ever.

diy home office | pink & gold

I overestimated the amount of space I had for my home office wall gallery. I had a grand vision and very little space however, I think it turned out pretty cute regardless of its size.

I purchased a couple of the plaqued inspirational words, used free printables & alsodid a canvas painting.

home office wall gallery

What I love most about my new work space is that it’s totally me. Lot’s of pink & quite girly.

I had a ton of fun designing this nook and it inspired me to do some more painting projects. (Wait until you see what I made my Kitty Cat, so cute!)

So, not bad for a makeshift office huh?

It went from total man cave to totally girly and functional.

home office

C’mon, tell me you love it!


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  1. Barbs LeCupcake

    the desk is pretty cool!! goes well with the whole atmosphere. good job!!


  2. Rebecca

    Talk about inspiration! This is so cute! This makes me want to have a better work area for myself! Thanks for linking this up to the SHINE blog hop!

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