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How I Shop for Sold Out Items

Uh Oh. Sold Out Boots. Now What?

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I realized the other day when I purchased a pair of boots that many people think that if an item is sold out somewhere, it’s unavailable all together.

That’s not always the case.

That was the situation with these Roxy Women’s Fargo Bootsthat I ordered. They were sold out from the first two places I checked.

I had them saved on my Pinterest Wishlist board.

I tried Tillys and Buckle. “Sorry, item not available”

I didn’t give up there…but a friend of mine did. Now I’ve got the boots being delivered and she doesn’t.

There’s two ways I use to findout Where to Buy Sold Out items.

1. First, I’ll highlight the name of the item and copy & paste it into Google.

All I do then is search the results and oftenfind multiple other places to purchase the exact same item.

With places like Amazon we aren’t only limited to shop for something at one place.

2. The second way I search for sold out items is to use the Google reverse image search.

Simple right click on the image of the product and select “search google with this image”

In your results you’ll have all the places where that image is located.

I have found multiple items that I was trying to purchase that were sold out this way.

Don’t forget to read the reviews when you shop online, they are extremely helpful when determining which size to order.

Happy Shopping.




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