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Journal Writing Ideas

Journal WritingIdeas To Guide You on Your Path To A More Creative and Positive Life

Journalwritingis a fantastic way to spend some time with yourself but sometimes coming up with journal writingideas can be tough. We all have those days where we just blank out.

Here are two journal entries I did; my favorite colors and why I like them and things I love.

Remember to keep things positive.

Journal Entry Ideas


Journal Writing Ideas


These are two of my favorite types of journal writing, I like to use visuals as well as words.

I’d like to hear what your favorite type of journal entries are! Please share your ideas.


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  1. Irish

    I sometimes like to journal by letter writing, songwriting and poetry. One time I wrote a song called “GUN SHY” about my hubs when he was having fear of committment issues. I wanted Miranda Lambert to sing it to him back in those days. LOL He doesn’t know to this day I wrote the song. Well, maybe he does, he’s a cop and pretty good at keeping things low key when needed. Haha


    • Sarah

      I used to write poetry as well but I found that it always ended up being sad so I moved on from that. I go back and read them sometimes. I think that’s nice that you wrote a song, even if it was over his commitment issues hehe. If he doesn’t know that might be a cute thing to show him on an anniversary or something 🙂

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