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10 Journal Prompts

Start writing with these journal prompts

Do you keep a journal? Here are some journal prompts! Read someJournal Writing Benefitsfor some motivation and inspiration.



journal prompts

Journalwritingis a great way to express emotions, brainstorm, record memories, doodle, problem solve and getting your thoughts down on paper.

I keep a couple of different kinds of journals.

One is where I only write when something big is happening, something I am having strong emotions about and need to express privately. This journal is a hard covered, more expensive book. Something that will keep over time.

The second is for ideas, thoughts, affirmations and any other miscellaneous items. This journal is of any notebook variety, not something I’d be upset not to have around in twenty years.

What type of journaling do you do? Do you have a preference on what kind journal you use?

Journals are a winning gift idea every time.It also makes a great craft idea, see some of my crafted journals.



Morejournal prompts, journal entry ideas

Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing, here are some ideas for those days:

  • create a collage
  • doodle
  • make a wishlist
  • put samples of pretty papers you’d like to use in a journal page
  • cut and paste freeprintables

Journals can be used for a relaxing time focusing on you. Take the time for yourself, it’s worth it.

Even if you don’t like to write much, it can be a creative outlet or a collection of your ideas. There are no rules to journal writing.




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  1. Momfever

    I used to keep a journal, but now blogging has taken its place. I don’t have any stuff left to write about after blogging!

  2. Amber Albright

    Great prompts! I’m always looking for new things to blog about. My blog is like an online journal, so I don’t usually keep a diary or journal. 🙂 (dropping by from SITS FB group)

  3. Nikki

    Just recommended your post on my blog. Check it out here! http://everydaylifemotherandwife.com/2014/11/journaling-challenges/

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