How To Make 3D Stars Out Of Cereal Box | DIY Barn Stars

Barn Stars! Easy to Make 3D Stars!

DIY Barn Stars | 3D Stars

Can you tell which 3D Stars I made or which I purchased?

Barn Stars, as they are seemingly called, are so easy to make! Making these stars are my craft of choice at the moment.

What you need:

Cardboard (cereal box works great)
Ruler or something straight

how to make 3D stars

Here is how you make the folds…

DIY Barn Stars


I used an exacto knife to go over my lines before folding but a pair of scissors would work great as well. It makes for easier folding with straighter lines.

Some like to make barn stars out of tin, like a dollar store baking sheet or soda can. I have so far liked the cardboard and haven’t tried using tin. I think the cardboard would be easier to paint. Has anyone tried using tin and if so, how was it to paint?

Try a darker or lighter color along the folds for that worn, vintage look.

how to make 3D stars

To make a bigger 3D star, for more of a statement piece, I’m going to take apart a cardboard box at the seams. A big moving type of box and make it out of that.

I may even glue gun two of them together and put some mini led lights in the middle!

These easy to make accents are quite adorable, don’t ya think?




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    • Sarah says

      I’m so glad you like them, Mimi! Come back and show us if you can. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. xo

    • Sarah says

      Thanks so much for coming by, Ladies. If you make some please come and share the link with us to check em’ out! xo

  1. says

    So pretty! No, I can’t tell at all which ones you bought and which ones you made. These will be great to decorate our home for the holidays and I know I have so many cereal boxes that can be used. :)
    Marie recently posted…Free Happy Holidays PrintableMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      I just love them! If you make some come back and let us know where we can view them :)

  2. says

    I’ll have to try this idea. I recently made a 3D star from pizza boxes but it turned out differently from yours. It had more pop to it. It would be fun to add a flatter version next to it, such a sucker for stars!

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