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Make Your Own Marquee Light


make your own marquee light



During one of my many trips to Michael’s craft store I picked up a wooden arrow in hopes that I’d turn it into a marquee light.

craft ideas

First I spray painted the arrow pink (of course) and then drilled some holes along the perimeter of the arrow. I made the holes just slightly smaller than the circumference of the bulb caps, that way I was able to glue the caps over the holes.

*side note: make sure your string lights have enough string to make it to each hole. Duh- I didn’t do this and my lights wouldn’t fit but luckily I had another string of lights on hand that did.

I then glued (E600 glue) the light caps onto each hole since I wasn’t using the lights that were made for them they wouldn’t sit in them properly hence, needing the glue.

Then the fun part! I attached the LED lights securing the strand with masking tape and put a light in each cap.

Yea! My first DIY marquee light!

diy marquee light


You can buy a kit and just use the lights and bulb caps that come in it or buy the lights and bulb caps separately. (Buying separately would be more expensive but you have more bulb cap color options) Also, the letter/symbol that comes in the kit is much smaller than my DIY arrow marquee light.


I have the ampersand and I adore it, I also wanted something bigger though.

ampersand marquee light

There are lots of glitter tapes, glitter, papers to use to decorate your letter/symbol that you can buy separately as well. You really could make it to suit any color scheme.

Here’s a link to see an example and instructions of the Marquee Love kits and maybe you’ll spark an idea to make your own marquee light!

I am absolutely a Michael’s Craft Store addict, I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent there! I go in there and spend an hour easily.

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