Mason Jar Decorations | Ideas for Mason Jars

mason jar decorations | ideas for mason jars

Beautiful Mason Jar Decorations

Solar lid mason jars make a gorgeous decoration for any room at any time of year.

My project uses plastic diamond shaped gemstones (which I purchased in a dollar store) in a mason jar with a led solar powered lid. As you can see, even in the daytime photo it’s a gorgeous decoration.

I also tried some pink gemstones which I absolutely love. I’d like to use smaller mason jars but I only have larger ones on hand.

solar led mason jar lids

I first saw this at my mother’s apartment. She has hers sitting in her apartment on a ledge and while the sun goes down the gem filled jar begins to glow and it’s so very pretty and eye catching.

My favorite part of this craft idea is that by changing the colors it can be a great decoration for any time of year. eg; Red and/or green for Christmas time,  red and white for July 1st (I’m Canadian, eh), or perhaps red, white and blue for Independance Day.

These can be used indoors or outdoors. Placed around a garden or patio area would be delightful image in a beautiful atmosphere.


mason jar decorations | ideas for mason jars


These are the exact lids I have purchased and they work great.


mason jar ideas


For a Tutorial on how to make  your own solar powered mason jars watch this short video below:


Ideas for Mason Jars

I made a piggy bank out of a mason jar and leopard print duct tape. I wrapped the entire jar, top included, with my kick ass duct tape and cut a slit in the top.

The trick is not being able to see inside it. It’s my personal piggy bank for spoiling myself. Every time I have change sitting around or a couple of bills in my wallet I’ll contribute to my mason jar piggy bank and quite swiftly it’s become heavy and nearly full  :)

This is a great idea for a child as well. Ok, I’m in my thirties but don’t judge. I bet you have a piggy bank too. Plus it was a good excuse to have some leopard print kickin’ around.

I will add a picture of my decorated mason jar…as soon as I find it. (I’m in the process of moving and things are a mess. Disaster. Complete chaos…aaahhh) Found it!

Mason Jar Ideas

You could also decorate mason jars with washi tape. That shit comes in the cutest designs and colors. And by “shit” I mean washi tape. Pardon me, that one slipped out.



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