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Mesh Wreath – Pink, White & Silver

PinkMesh Wreath

My first ever mesh wreath!

I found it easier to use than burlap. By making scrunches and then using pipe cleaners to hold them in place it was a breeze.

I found some cute embellishments to use on my wreaths such as, the cute little owl in the middle of this wreath.


pink wreath mesh


I used white feathers to accent the white snow balls and my favorite color of accent ribbon, pink!

Of course, I also used LED light ribbon . I just freakin’ love LED lights.


pink mesh wreath light


I’m going a little crazy with the wreath making. Unless I acquire a house with 10 doors very soon I’ll have to start getting rid of them.

The best is yet to come though, I have a huge green wreath sitting there waiting to be decorated…and another twig wreath…and another mesh one…and two smaller green ones.

Shit, anyone wanna buy a wreath? lol

What do you think would make some good color combos for wreaths?




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