Nail Art Ideas & Giveaway Contest

Nail Art Ideas & Giveaway Sponsored by T-Mart.

Nail Art Ideas

If you can name one female you know that doesn’t like to do their nails I’ll give you a million dollars.

Just kidding but you go ahead and enter the contest below to win an awesome prize of 48 different nail art accessories.

I’m just learning to grow my nails, I’m an avid biter/picker so please don’t hold that against me in my pictures. I definitely won’t be getting any hand modelling gigs.

Check out my nail art ideas…

IMG218 IMG292 IMG238 IMG268 IMG216IMG259


The nail art kit comes with 48 options in cute little bottles that you could use for adorable crafts when you’re done with them.


T-Mart is giving one lucky winner the following prize:

Nail Art Ideas Nail Art Ideas | Giveaway Contest

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  1. Patricia Smith says

    thanks I’m just trying to stop biting my nails also and just had artificial tips put on for the first time.

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