5 Amazing Necklaces to Make Your Outfit Pop!

Necklaces to Make Your Outfit Pop! New Spring Accessories.

So, dude, what’s with the necklace post?

Well, I was telling a friend about a necklace I have, more like a choker actually that has a gorgeous red butterfly attached to it. By the time I was done describing it she replied, “Oh, sounds really 90’s”

I realized that it probably was. I love necklaces! I am due for some fresh jewelry in the necklace accessories dept. of my life.

Also, spring is here and we’re all due for some color!

My first pick:

I couldn’t help it for this necklace, this is the cutest!! So feminine and pretty! Could totally see myself wearing it.


Rectangle Gem Necklace

Source: Lyst.com

This one just screams Spring! Wear me! Love the colors and would turn any  outfit into a whole bunch of fun!

Betsey Johnson
Gold Tone Skull and Flower Illusion Necklace

Source: Lyst.com

This turquoise necklace just makes me feel bright and happy. Imagine someone with light blue eyes wearing this, mesmerizing!

Factory Stone Semicircle Necklace

Source: Lyst.com

This orange leaf pendant caught my eye because it’s so simple and unique.

Metal and Fluo Resin Leaf Pendant Necklace

Source: Lyst.com

For the less bold of us, a charming and beautiful ombre necklace!

Teardrop Ombre Necklace

Source: Lyst.com

I love accessories, especially necklaces. You can never run out of different looks to try, there are so many pretty ones!

“That’s so 90’s”…pfft.


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