Dog Treat Jar

dog treat jar

My yesterday’s project was a D.I.Y. Dog Treat Jar I used circle labels on the mason jar while spray painting it and then removed them when it was dry. I used white vinyl for the dog bones and letters. Drew them, colored them, then cut them out with an exacto knife. When I stuck them […]

Bewitchin’ Projects Blog Party Wk. 2

bewitching projects blog party

Week 2 of the new awesome party hosted by 11 blogs. That rocks!! Welcome to the “Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party” Hello everyone!… you will be seen on 11 blogs!!!! So many more people will see your awesomeness and this party will ROCK! Please Show these awesome ladies your love by following them on their social media! So, […]

Home Office DIY

cute home office ideas

Home Office D.I.Y. : Project Cute Office Chair Another part to my in progress make shift home office D.I.Y  is an office chair. Not just any chair but one that matches my color scheme and personality. I started out with a plain old black folding chair that I probably bought for less than $15. I […]

Free Inspirational Printables

free printables

All around my living space I have inspirational sayings hanging on the walls or sitting on a shelf. My brother once made a joke about how he’s constantly being told what to do every time he looks around. In the midst of trying to come up with some kind of makeshift office for myself I […]

The Day My Butt Went Psycho

coffee with sarah

I have something on my mind. Just some random things that I seriously don’t get. You know how certain things just make your face go screwy and your lips say WTF. Well, these are a couple of those things. The Day My Butt Went Psycho If you have kids you are probably already familiar with this […]

New about Me Page – Thoughts?

About Me Page fi

As part of the overhaul I’m in the midst of I have re-written my about me page. I know I am in need of a new picture but that’s cool cuz guess what?! I just bought a camera! A real camera, not my shitty iphone camera. I’m so excited about this. Finally I will have […]

Basement Window Curtains | No Sew


I live in a basement and up until I made these curtains, didn’t have window coverings on some of my windows at all. Totally creeped me out at night! I had some material and a set of curtains that had been used on other windows before but they are tabbed curtains so wouldn’t have done […]

Bewitchin’ Projects Wk.1

bewitching projects blog party

Week 1 of the new awesome party hosted by 11 blogs. That rocks!! Welcome to the NEW “Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party” Hello everyone!… Guess what? Bewitch Me & Titi Link Party has Changed to “Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party” to bring you even more fun, love and exposure. I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers to […]

Purple Hair Streaks

purple hair streaks

I have pink clip in hair extensions but opted for something different, a more permanent solution and a different color. Purple hair streaks!  The purple sort of plays peek a boo so it’s not always prominent which I really like, not so in your face but it’s there. Pink is my color, it’s my go-to […]