Pinterest Marketing | Pinterest Boards

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Pinterest Boards: Customize Your Board Images How many Pinterest boards do you have? I have 89 and counting! How about making your boards unique by using custom images for your Pinterest boards? This idea works well when using your brand design; same colors, fonts, etc. and is a great way to do some Pinterest Marketing. Even if […]

Twitter Tips | Gain Twitter Followers

twitter tips | gain twitter followers

Twitter Tip #1 Use images in your tweets! Did you know that your image won’t show up in your tweet if it isn’t sized correctly. To ensure that your image shows up in your actual tweet rather than just your photos in your sidebar, make sure it is sized from at least 440×220. The picture […]

Printable Daily Affirmations

printable daily affirmations

Daily affirmations can play a vital role in your well-being. It’s all about training your brain to believe these affirmations. What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. What are some affirmations you use daily? Share with us! Find out why you should be using affirmations here. Free Printable Daily Affirmations […]

Why I’m Shopping for A New Bikini

swimwear 2014

Bikini Blunder I brought at least 4 different bikini tops and bottoms to mix and match while I was on vacation and stupidly I didn’t try any of them on before I went. This is what I looked like… …and I don’t mean her smokin‘ hot body, I’m referring to the too small bikini top […]

Packing List for Vacation & Travelling Tips

packing list for vacation

I’m back from my beautiful vacation to Veradero, Cuba. It was amazing! Mostly… I suck at packing, I bring the wrong things and the wrong amounts so just in case you are like me and aren’t a packing for vacation genius, here’s a list that may help you out. Packing List Band Aids (especially if […]

Holiday Here I come


I am going on a holiday!!! To Veradero, Cuba to be exact. I will see you all on the 6th of May and I’ll have some pictures of the beautiful beach to share with you. YAY!

Baby Announcement Ideas

chucks baby announcement

Have you seen all the baby announcement ideas on Pinterest? They are so cute! My brother and his lovely lady have just announced their bun in the oven with baby announcement cards that I made for them. Baby Announcement Postcard Since  this was just a personal project I didn’t regard any possible copyright info. on […]

5 Amazing Necklaces to Make Your Outfit Pop!

Accessories for spring | Necklaces

Necklaces to Make Your Outfit Pop! New Spring Accessories. So, dude, what’s with the necklace post? Well, I was telling a friend about a necklace I have, more like a choker actually that has a gorgeous red butterfly attached to it. By the time I was done describing it she replied, “Oh, sounds really 90′s” […]

Arm Candy – D.I.Y. Bracelets

DIY Bracelets

  Each time I buy a bracelet I spend a minimum of ten bucks. I decided to make my favorites myself and save myself the money. How to make multi strand bracelets… The only materials needed for DIY bracelets: waxed cord closures clasps beads (in this case they are long bar beads) scissors and/or pliers […]