10 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

cute summer outfit ideas

I love wearing cute summer clothing with prints or patterns on them. I’m not sure but I seem to not be so into them in the winter season…weird. I’m always on the hunt for cute outfit ideas and here are some I just picked out and absolutely adore. For buying info. just click on images. […]

10 Pretty Cork Board Ideas

cork board ideas

I have millions of cork boards lying around that are just plain ol’ ugly. I had an urge to decorate cork boards and since I have millions (three) to turn into something pretty I thought I’d gather some inspirational cork board ideas! Here’s 10  pretty cork board ideas: I love that this one is a […]

Site Overhaul

blog makeover

Girlfriends Are Like shoes is undergoing a major overhaul. Lately, I’ve been having some trouble relating to my blog-I know, what the hell is that?! I think I sort of stuck myself in a corner and I don’t feel that I have enough freedom to say what I want all the time. This is going […]

Paper Flowers

paper flowers

Paper Flowers – Easy to Make I’m on a roll  with paper flowers lately. I love them, they can add a burst of color and cuteness to any room. I recently made tissue paper roses and they turned out lovely and an adorable summer wreath out of paper flowers too. This time I made a […]

Potting Plants | How to Pot Flowers

how to pot flowers

Potting Plants 5 Steps to beautiful lasting flower pots I had the privilege of learning how to pot flowers properly from a professional gardener/landscaper himself. I learned a few things that I never would have known and this year I have the nicest flower pots that I’ve ever had! Here are the 5 steps to […]

Summer Crafts | Tissue Paper Roses

construction paper crafts

When I started this tissue paper craft I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look. My crafts turn out the way I want them to probably about 50% of the time. I should start posting my craft fails. BUT…I couldn’t be happier with the way my tissue paper roses […]

Cute Summer Outfits

cute summer outfits

Holy, I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that the weather is nicer and it’s mostly (sometimes) warm enough to wear cute summer outfits. I love summertime clothes, the sandals, the colors, you name it. I just ordered the cutest dam shorts I’ve ever seen but you have to wait for […]

$1000 Cash Giveaway! June 9-30

cash giveaway

I’m happy to be a part of this awesome cash giveaway!! Celebrating milestones is always fun! Blogging milestones are no different and I am so excited to be celebrating my TWO YEAR blog anniversary this week on June 12th! Two years ago I published my first blog post and began the online chronicle of Raising […]

The Adult Bully

adult bully

The Adult Bully is my Upstairs Neighbor I have a personal story to share today. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should post about this but I’ve come to the conclusion that although I don’t post about really personal things too often, it’s totally ok when I do. I live in a house that […]