My Tattoo Idea

I have been wanting a tattoo for some time now. This has always been my first choice. It’s a symbol meaning “kindness” but then as I started looking around for other ideas I really liked the shaped words. Since I’m a girly girl and like hearts this is what I made…. But now I’ve decided […]

My Grumpy Hiatus

Back from my week long hiatus! My thoughts have been very jumbled. Here’s a little glimpse of my past week… I would like to eat more bananas. I will be moving again in the near future and have to purge a lot of my stuff. How am I going to do this, I can get […]

Fall Luminary

diy rice paper luminary

A few years ago I bought a role of rice paper. I really wanted to make one of those nifty room divider screens. Never happened. So here I am still with a whole bunch of rice paper. Over time I’ve made a few different things but while I was dickin’ around recently I came up […]

Magazine Article Maddness

I was standing in line at the grocery store today reading the headings on the magazines beside me. “25 things he thinks when you’re naked” or “6 things you never knew about chocolate cake” or “5 new ways to beat bloating” or ” 3 million ways you never heard of to slim down” etc. etc. […]