Learning how to use Gimp

I’ve been playing around a lot lately trying to teach myself how to use Gimp. It’s been fun as well as frustrating, having to look up certain how to’s along the way. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this once I become good at it! I was missing a friend […]

Make Christmas Donations

For many of us Christmas is a time of sharing, gratitude and love. All over the world there are people whose Christmas’ is sad, not having the means to provide gifts or necessities to their loved ones. Below is a list of some ideas and places that would indeed appreciate any generosity given to them. […]

Human Sex Trafficking – Be Aware

As a true crime buff I’m fairly aware of the bad things that go on all over the world, sometimes in neighbourhoods just like our own. Bad things such as; kidnapping, rape, torture and murder, to list a few. On many occasions I’ve been told; “Those things don’t happen in places like this!” as I […]

Be a Good Friend.

be a good friend

A friendship trait I’d like to highlight for the purpose of this post is this: EMPATHY. It’s needed in a friendship at some point or another and maybe often. For those that don’t know the meaning, in my own words, it means to be able to put yourself in your friends shoes. Being able to […]

Random Acts of Kindness

Here is a list of 50 ideas to practice random acts of kindness: pay someone a compliment show an interest in someone donate things you no longer use/need give someone a smile tell someone how much they are appreciated send a card give a hug volunteer fundraise join a cause give a sick child a […]

And another one bites the dust

Allow me to vent… What’s worse that hearing a guy after breaking up with you say that he’s sorry for hurting you and that he didn’t mean to? Well, the fact that you knew this was going to happen and you were still around to hear the sorry bastard say it. Will we ever learn? […]

Girlfriends are like Shoes

Girlfriends are like Shoes, we can have many but cherish them all! I was stuck on how to start off this blog, what should I post about? Duh! My girlfriends! This should be fun to write actually, I will categorize them all in their own personal category and explain why they are so awesome. Everyone […]

Clearing Clutter and Charitable Giving

charitable giving

It’s easy to accumulate way too much stuff and then one day realize that it’s burying you. Most of us do gain enjoyment out of material possessions. I believe that I have a minor shopping addiction which has led me to where I feel burdened and stressed by the amount of things I’ve gathered. To […]