Easy and Cheaper Black Head Removal

blackhead removal

My tissue paper tip seemed to be well received so here’s another neat tip… Have you ever used the Biore pore strips to remove black heads? If you have you know they do actually pull alot of your blackheads out. What I don’t like about them though is that for a pack of 6 or […]

This one is title-less.

I was just searching for creative ways to organize things; make up, jewelry etc. and ideas to get rid of clutter. What I found were these following things:Warning- some don’t have anything to do with organization or clutter. 1st: Approx. 345 ways to organize spices. Wow, if only that mattered to me. 2nd: Look out […]

D.I.Y. Facial Blotting Sheets

diy facial blotting sheets

How many of us spend 5 bucks or more on a tiny pack of facial blotting tissues? Yep, lots. How about a D.I.Y. version for a buck? For a buck go to the dollar store and grab yourself a package of tissue paper. You’ll have to cut it into smaller pieces but you’ll have 100 […]

One Man’s Garbage is another Man’s…

Or woman’s. In this case, Brad Womack, the Bachelor. Poor, poor, Brad. I only watched one episode of this show and there were 3 ladies left, that was enough to make me want to see the end result. I was rooting for Chantal, he seemed the most into her based on my viewing of a […]

Spring has Sprung!

Ok well maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but it’s a really nice sunny day! Who doesn’t love a sunny day?! I love it so much I had to tell all of you that I’m having one. Hope you are too. Also, as sort of an after thought…I saw a bit of television […]

Not a Trick Question. Ask your Friends!

question to ask your friends

I found this printed out question I received in an email a long time ago. I have no idea where it came from but it is interesting. Not a trick question. Read/Ask your friends exactly as shown. A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. […]

Martha Stewart Bath Snowballs- Super Easy!

These fragrant spheres for the bath (we scented ours with peppermint oil) are made by packing Epsom salts into a plastic mold. The bath “snowballs” can be tinted any color. You’ll need 3 to 4 days to make the bath balls because of the drying time between steps. Makes 2 large or 4 small balls.Tools […]

My Wacky Sleep Habits.

I do some wacky stuff during my sleep. I’m a severe twitcher, a horrendous teeth grinder, a frequent lip biter and last but not least, a yeller. Yep, I yell. As loud as I can. The list includes such things as, “he threw the book across the room!” and, “it’s on the plate!” My friend […]