And another one bites the dust

Allow me to vent… What’s worse that hearing a guy after breaking up with you say that he’s sorry for hurting you and that he didn’t mean to? Well, the fact that you knew this was going to happen and you were still around to hear the sorry bastard say it. Will we ever learn? […]

Girlfriends are like Shoes

Girlfriends are like Shoes, we can have many but cherish them all! I was stuck on how to start off this blog, what should I post about? Duh! My girlfriends! This should be fun to write actually, I will categorize them all in their own personal category and explain why they are so awesome. Everyone […]

Clearing Clutter and Charitable Giving

charitable giving

It’s easy to accumulate way too much stuff and then one day realize that it’s burying you. Most of us do gain enjoyment out of material possessions. I believe that I have a minor shopping addiction which has led me to where I feel burdened and stressed by the amount of things I’ve gathered. To […]