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Polka Dot Curtains D.I.Y.

Make Your Own Polka Dot Curtains

polka dot curtains diy

Right next to my makeshift office there’s a closet. Not a nice closet that you’d hang clothes or anything in but a rough unfinished type of closet that holds the fuse box and some tools.

It’s hideous.

I had a curtain up there to hide it but I needed to make one that suited my new home office area.

In comes a white curtain and pink paint.

I just lay the curtain out on the floor (on a towel because the paint goes through) and used a mason jar lid as a stencil and colored each spot in with pink acrylic paint.

make your own curtains

Yes, that is a playboy bunny towel underneath my curtain, don’t judge. I hate it too.

Finally I found a good use for it hehe.

Once dryI sprayed some acrylic sealer over the dots and then hung my new polka dot curtain.

polka dot curtains



I totally ironed them before hanging but somehow managed to wrinkle it all up.

I don’t think I will ever grow out of my love for pink or polka dots.

And that’s okay, right?

P.S. I blurred the side of the picture because I couldn’t let you see it yet.

But guess what?! I’m doing the very last little things and then I can reveal my makeshift home office!!

I had a little bit of a fail and it set me back another day or two but it’s okay, you got the pink polka dots in the meantime and that’s pretty cool too.


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