Three Common Relationship Issues and How to Handle Them.

Relationship Advice, relationship issues I am no relationship master but I do have a couple of tidbits that may be of some use. Three common issues and how to handle them.

Relationship issue 1: You liked them for them.

            The things you found so appealing at first are now annoying you practically to death and you are wishing them to go away. Remember that you liked them for them and there will always be things that aren’t going to be so perfect but regardless of how big or small, they are a part of who they are and trying to change that will not only make things harder but makes you different than you were when he liked you for you.
Whatever the reason, be it insecurity or not we can’t try to take things away from each other like that. We need to want each other be as ‘us’ as we can possibly be and not trying to change that. (Obviously it’s different if it’s harmful, illegal or immoral) Remember the things you like to do, what if someone wanted to take those away? Would it seem logical to you or just mean?

Relationship issue 2: You are getting Jealous often and feeling insecure.

            What is it that is making you feel that way, are you getting less attention? Try to pinpoint what it is that is making you feel that way and address it. Don’t let it run wild on you and get a grip as fast as you can.
            Not only do you need to fix that for your own emotional well being but it won’t do anything but hurt your relationship. Jealousy can make us act out in ways that we normally wouldn’t, ways that aren’t logical or appropriate but at the time we don’t have a clear understanding of that because our jealousy hat is covering our view.
            Remember why you rock and why he thought you rocked in the first place and take yourself back to that confident self.

Relationship issue 3: Remember to be friends.

            It’s easy to get caught up in everyday stressors and to take them out on each other intentionally or not. Think about how you treat your friends and how you’d never in a million years dream of treating them badly and remind yourself that your relationship should be no different. It’s convenient and we can fall into taking out our frustrations on our other half without even realizing it but once you do find yourself doing it; get a hold of yourself and think about how it feels when it happens to you. Not good.
In my opinion, this is the most overlooked area of relationships. I think if people could just remember to be friends among the rest then many issues could be treated differently and therefore, more effectively.
These are a few things I’ve picked up along the way, from my own relationships and those of others. Sometimes there just isn’t a fix but often enough paying attention to these things can really help matters and bring you back to that place of bliss you once felt.
sarah xo
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