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Rock Painting


I’ve been trying out a bunch of new hobbies lately, one of which is rock painting.

I also tried zen coloring which I surprisingly liked, a lot. I’m hopeful to attempt to do some of my own doodles and drawings to color and post for others to color too.

Last summer I collected a bag full of pretty stones with the idea that I’d do something crafty with them.

I didn’t do anything with them until this summer and I’m loving painting on rocks!

I’d like to do a few more, here’s what I did so far…

rock painting sugar skull

I’ve been really into sugar skulls lately so this was my first project. I’d like to do a few different ones and place them on a shelf.

painting on rocks

The baby bird idea wasn’t originally mine, I had seen one done online somewhere and thought it was cute so I made my own.

I think a family of birds would make a really cute little rock garden in the yard, don’t you?

I’ve started a rock painting ideas Pinterest board, come follow along and start painting some rocks.

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  1. Psychic Nest

    I love your rock painting art! I love expressing myself through collage artistry. It is always great to find a way to create and express yourself through art. Great work!


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