Thursday’s Favorite Things

Thursday Favorite Things!


Silver Jeans Co. – For the first time in years I finally found a pair of jeans that seem to fit me in the right places! They are lightweight enough to be really comfortable and I am so glad to have found them.

Pretty much the only pair of jeans that I currently own that are comfortable and nice looking without pinching and squishing me in all the wrong places. No muffin top here! hehe.

Biker Shorts! I wear these under my tunics and summer dresses. They are so comfortable and unless you want them to be noticeable they won’t be. Perfect for those windy days to make sure you aren’t flashing your lady bits to strangers hehe. Saved my a** a few times, literally. They come in white, grey and black so I always have the right color to wear with my outfits. Definitely a must have for summer. Oh, and for ten bucks it’s a good deal.




Converse! These are my fave! I’ve always loved them, they are super cute and comfy and absolutely perfect for going for a stroll or even just to trot around the mall. I have to order them online because my city doesn’t carry them anywhere but that’s ok, I look forward to their arrival! I just ordered a beige creamy looking pair. They run a half size big so keep that in mind if you opt to get a pair yourself.





Wedges! My love for wedges is never ending. This year I am smitten for anything colored; lavender or purple or anything close to it. Aren’t these pretty!


 I just received this awesome book for my birthday on doing mosaic’s for the first time. I have a couple of projects picked out that I’m collecting materials to try! Such beautiful things you can make and really easily! This book tells me everything I need to know and where to get materials. My favorite birthday gift :)




Now I’m going to hop around some other Thursday Favorite Things posts from Katherine’s Corner!


Sarah xo

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