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twitter tips | gain twitter followers

Twitter Tip #1

Use images in your tweets!

Did you know that your image won’t show up in your tweet if it isn’t sized correctly.

To ensure that your image shows up in your actual tweet rather than just your photos in your sidebar, make sure it is sized from at least 440×220.

The picture above is 440×220 but many pictures are sized at 500px wide and 400px tall. Experiment to see what you like best.

I didn’t know why images sometimes didn’t show up in my feed, I just learned this twitter tip and helpful it is!

I don’t know the best image dimensions to tweet but upon reviewing most images in my feed I found that many of them are sized at 500px wide.

I tweeted three different sizes to test them out and found that the twitter image that looked the nicest was the 440×220. It showed the image nicely with no sides cut off.

using images in twitter | twitter tips

Let us know in the comments what you find and/or what Twitter image sizes you use.

Twitter Tip #2

Use click to Tweet!

I’ve recommended this before in previous Twitter tips.

Tweet: Use images at least 440px wide in your tweets. What twitter image dimensions would you recommend? @girlfriendshoes #twitter #imagesClick bird to Tweet This!

This is a great way to get readers to interact with your blog posts and on Twitter.

It’s easy to use and one click and your tweet is already written for you.

Please share your Twitter Tips with us.

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