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Up-Cycled End Tables

D.I.Y. Pet Bed from Up CycledFurniture

chalk paint end table

I have been wanting to make my fur baby, Peaches, a little house slash bed for some time now.

Not that she has any problem finding comfy places she loves; my clean laundry, my bed & pillows, bins, chairs, bath mat, on your purseetc.

I decided that as soon as I found some old style hexagon shaped end tables I would finally start my D.I.Y. pet bed project for my precious kitty.

I recently found a pair on a local auction site for 30 bucks. I bid and picked them up the next day.

I chose a chalk paint called Pink Cashmere. It’s a very light pink.

upcycled furniture

d.i.y. pet bed

I also purchased an electric sander recently, which is a wonder tool, and sanded the shit out of the table before I painted it.

Peaches, my kitty, couldn’t decide on wall paper so we decided to wait until she finds something she really likes and in the meantime she’ll just put up with the brown walls inside her new little house.

upcycled end tables

This is her adorable little pillow that I’ve had for years stashed away for this particular project. Aww.

pet pillow

Here is her door signage, her name on the right door and her description on the left.

pet house pet sign

She just loves her new up cycled end table pet bed.

She usually leaves the door open but when she’s feeling a little anti- social she is able to close the doors.

diy pet bed


We were thinking something light and floral for the walls and of course she wants it shades of pink. We’re on the look out for just the right wallpaper (scrapbook paper) and will update her walls when something catches our eye.

I’m so happy that Peaches loves her up cycled furniture bed as much as I do!

Let me know what you think in the comments, think it’s cute?


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  1. Michelle

    That is adorable!!

    I love painting furniture…I’m not good at it, but that doesn’t stop me.

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Michelle. I’m not great at it myself as I’m a beginner still but I’m having a ton of fun with it.

  2. Elizabeth Lund

    So fun!! Love the upcycle.

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